Our Process

The following description represents a typical relationship with our clients but the scope of architectural work needed in addition to the scale of a project can result in variations for each one. Our approach is adapted to your specific goals.

Initial Consultation
One of our Principal Architects will meet with you to discuss your goals, budget, and answer questions that you may have. The types of spaces, the relationships between them, aesthetics, and furnishing requirements will all be discussed. We will use this information to develop a proposal for architectural services that defines the scope of our work and the associated fee.

Design Development
Upon approval of our proposal, an appointment will be made to measure and photograph the site. If it is a renovation project, the existing building(s) will also need to be documented. As part of this phase, an accurate site survey is required (if a current survey is not available, we can assist you in obtaining one). The information will then be entered into our CAD system (Computer Aided Design software), and a zoning analysis (a review of the municipal land use regulations) will be performed. When the zoning analysis is completed, we will begin design sketches based on the agreed scope of work and any additional information that you can provide to us. We encourage you to share your photographs, magazine clippings, catalog cuts, and anything else that you think will help us to understand what you like. We will use all of the gathered information to develop the preliminary design(s) and then meet to evaluate the concepts. Typically, we use a combination of hand sketches and computer drawings to communicate our ideas with you.

Depending on the complexity of the project, another meeting and perhaps additional meetings will follow until you are satisfied with the preliminary design concept. If requested, the designs can be shared electronically via email.

Upon request, we can provide computer models to study massing, walk-through and fly-by animations, and sunlight/shadow analysis.


Preliminary Cost Estimating
Using the approved design, we can assist you in obtaining a preliminary construction cost estimate. We can ask one of the many contractors that we have successfully worked with in the past or we can work with a contractor that you know. If needed, based on the preliminary budget estimate, the design can be adjusted, or separated into logical project phases.

Contract Documents
With the design approved, we will produce the drawings and documents required to obtain accurate bids from selected contractors. Our typical project also includes construction specifications that will help you and the bidders know the quality of work and materials that you are expecting.

When the Contract Documents are completed, the plans, specifications, and bidding instructions are given to contractors for their use in competitively bidding the cost of construction. If you need us to recommend contractors, we can provide you with some suggestions based on our experience of successfully completed construction projects with a similar scope of work.

Bid Analysis
We will then assist you in evaluating the competitive bids proposed by each contractor. We know what questions to ask, how to equalize the bids, and then compare their relative costs. If needed, we can also attend building contractor interviews. You can use our bid analysis to help negotiate and make a decision on which contractor to choose for your project.

Building Permit
The selected builder will then use our contract documents as part of the permit application for use in obtaining a building permit.

Construction Administration
Once the construction begins we will work as your advocate. We will periodically visit the job site and help answer the many questions that can arise along the way. Our goal is to help make sure that your project is built according to the original design intent. We will keep you informed of the progress, review the contractor’s requests for payment, and if needed, help to resolve disputes that can arise during construction.

Interior Design Services
We assist in the selection of materials, colors, finishes, tiles, cabinetry, furniture layout, etc. that integrate and compliment the overall architecture, with the result being a beautiful and functional building.

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