Methods of Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise, there are several methods that are typically used to resolve them. They are:

Standard Dispute Resolution
Litigation has been and still is the most used method. This is typically a long process that is time consuming and expensive. As rising costs of litigation and time delays continue to plague litigants, more states and private parties have begun experimenting and implementing Alternate Dispute Resolution programs.

Alternate Dispute Resolution
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to any means of settling disputes outside of the courtroom. The two most common forms of ADR are arbitration and mediation.

• Arbitration
Arbitration is a simplified version of a trial involving little or no discovery and simplified rules of evidence. Either both sides agree on one arbitrator, or each side selects one arbitrator and the two arbitrators elect the third to comprise a panel. Often arbitration hearings last only a few hours and the opinions are not public record. By mutual agreement, the arbitrator’s rulings are usually final and binding. Arbitration has long been used in labor and construction disputes.
• Mediation
Mediation is an even less formal alternative to arbitration. Mediators are individuals trained in negotiations who bring opposing parties together and attempt to help the parties work out a settlement or agreement that they both can accept.

We offer the following Dispute Resolution services to clients:

Litigation support as expert witnesses - this usually entails fact finding investigation, research, analysis, writing of a report, and court testimony
Service as a Neutral Arbitrator
Service as a Mediator
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